Sunday, March 18, 2007


Having coffee now.. had breakfast.

Cereal- oatmeal with strawberries..
3/4 c Mandarin oranges
2 slices toast

Meds: 2 Tylenol XS, Dyazide, Vitamin, CoQ10 100mg, Prilosec 30mg, Metanx, ASA 81mg, Strattera 40mg
The Strattera makes me nauseated.. my intake has been poor the past few days, but I'm keeping up with vitamins and I am eating some- just not a lot.
Smells of foods drive me up the wall too.. someone ordered wings last night at work.. thought I would lose my cookies right then and there.. I was getting panicky about it till someone closed the conference room door and I settled. Wendy tells me this should be short lived with the medication.. and when it's done, all will return to normal again. She's right.. actually the nausea wasn't bad yesterday, only when the wings arrived.




Exercise: Just at work I'm afraid.. Too much ice out there..

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Well, things are changing.. I'm taking a new med that is causing me to not be able to follow my diet; in fact, I am not eating much of anything from the nausea. Hopefully it will be short lived.. I need the nutrients. It has been 2 days of nearly nothing at mealtime.. not good.
I got all the way to supper yesterday when the nausea hit hard and I couldn't even sit at the table with food. No loss of my 'cookies' but the urge is so great the more I am around the food. So I am drinking more water for now.
I'll be stepping on the scales in the morning.. we'll see how it's affected my weight..
Meds: 2 Tylenols late tonite- 10pm
Strattera 40 mg , Prevacid 30 mg x 2 today for the nausea, Metanx, Dyazide, ASA 81mg,
I held the fish oil caps today.. will try them again tomorrow.
Vytorin 10/20 at bedtime

Breakfast: 1 egg yolk, 3 whites
2 biscuits with a smidge of butter on each
2 Coffee

Lunch : Munchies.. I picked at a couple pieces and then tossed the rest.. too nauseated
Raspberry tea- 1/2 cup

Supper: Garlic parmesan chicken and pasta- about a cup.. didn't do real well.. ate about 11pm when the nausea had subsided a bit.

Snack.. a couple plain tortilla chips and a handful of oriental rice crackers..
Water- some

So the diet isn't going real well here..

Exercise: well, I was on my feet a lot today. and napped about 3 hours after I got home.. mostly because I just felt so sick and exhausted from it all.

Looking to a better day tomorrow.. (that'll be later today.. it's already Friday.)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Well, the reports weren't particularly good at the doctor.. but most of it was okay.
Cholesterol is through the roof again and triglycerides hot on it's tail.
Have to change medication dosages, add some meds and then keep on doing what I am doing with the diet and some exercise..
I love this walking. Yesterday 3 times around the perimeter and even with rain, once around the perimeter today.
I'm moving.. walking.. and watching what goes in my mouth..
More tomorrow hopefully..

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I was trying to figure out what the offending food was that caused my ankles to swell and stay swollen this morning. It is not hard to figure, as most everything I ate yesterday was of the low sodium variety. But.. I did have a huge salad last night before going to bed, and that salad had 4-5 very large green olives in it. I assume that is the culprit. I'll be much more careful from now on.
No change in weight. Considering my ankles, that is very encouraging.

Meds: 2 Tylenol XS, dyazide, Prilosec, Vitamin, ASA, Metanx

1 egg w/3 whites scrambled with mushrooms
1 pre measured hash brown pattie
2 cups coffee
1/2 c canned peaches
A couple of mouthfuls of water.. I'll take a bottle to church with me for the long drive down.

Grilled chicken breast-plain
Potato wedges
Tossed salad w/ranch- to dip
Onion petals and Zucchini fries- we shared
Pork roast
mashed potatoes no gravy
tossed salad- hold the olives
green beans

Ice cream-chocolate

The Count:
6/7 I am going to go over on this one- not a problem..all lean meats

Saturday, March 10, 2007


I really have to get moving on the weight loss.. I'm feeling so bogged by my excess baggage.
Yesterday I did very well.
2 scrambled eggs
2 small waffles/butter only
Supper: 6" hoagie with meat/cheese
2c cereal/pretzel mix

My back has been bothering me a lot lately, so I am trying to keep on the move as much as possible.. I take time at supper to walk to the garage at work and back again. By the time I do that, my back is aching and I'm thankful to be able to stop. Walking will be a priority. I may try today.
I finally got on the scales- I've been ignoring them daily because my ankles aren't too bad and I was assuming that I'm not retaining as much fluid as I had been before.. bad idea not to weigh daily- gotta do this. Anyway, there is no change in weight for which I am thankful- but wish it was going down.
I'm finishing my brunch coffee and then will start on water.

As for today:
Meds: Prilosec,ASA,Vitamin,Metanx,2 Tylenol (11:30am),Dyazide
3 scrambled eggs (2 yolks,3 whites)
2 bread w/butter
3/4c mandarin oranges
3 c coffee/Coffeemate creamer

Lunch: 1 small apple
3 oz chicken- baked
3/4c carrots
2/3 c mashed potatoes
2 Croissants

1 small apple
I have saved my huge salad for a snack tonite.
I was just too full to try any more food.
Let's see- I have had 5/7 proteins and need 2 more .. hmm...I'll have to look for cheese I suppose.
I've also had 8/10 bread exchanges... hmmm... I'll need 2 more of those too.
The veggies will be in my salad.. lettuce (2 cups), cherry tomatoes (12), cucumber (about 3" sliced), mushrooms ( about 4 large), and the dressing will be a dollop or 2 of Italian.
I've had no milk exchanges today- perhaps yogurt? Whoa.. there is too much food to eat and not enough time to consume it all.. that is always my problem. You'd wonder why I'm so overweight?