Thursday, July 02, 2009

1st surgical appointment bariatric

I believe the first thing we need to do here is thank John and Amanda for taking the time to take Wendell and me to Wendell's first appointment with the bariatric surgeon in Pgh.
Lots of paperwork had to be filled out.. and then back to the exam room to wait for 40 minutes for the PA to give us information and a quick physical exam. She went over everything that was expected of us as far as testing goes. The psychiatric exam and nutritionist have to be from their department, but otherwise he can have all his testing done locally.
The doctor came in for about 10 minutes and gave him a lecture on being willing to change lifestyles that have been engrained for years. It's that, or no surgery- it would be a waste of time. I like this surgeon. He doesn't mince words- says what has to be said and gives the ultimatum. Wendell finally said 'yes, I can comply'.. we are off to the races!!!
Labs, chest xray, ekg, pfts, and other tests to be completed as soon as he can get them scheduled.
This doctor reminded us that the surgery is a tool, not a cure. We can use this tool effectively or not. Wendell told him he wanted the gastric bypass. The doctor said okay.. start the exercise program now and let the lifestyle changes begin.. that includes decaf coffee if he wants coffee.
We came home with 2 booklets and a pile of papers to be completed as soon as we can do so.
Provided all this can be done in another couple months, I think we may be looking at September possibly for the surgery.. I'm just guessing. The surgeon never discussed a timetable.. just get the paperwork done with labs and doctor checklists.. and then give them a call when it's done. Then we talk schedule.
The prep for this surgery is a bit different. Although the bowel is involved, there is no real 'bowel prep' pre op. It's a full liquid diet for a week prior to the surgery and then meds get eliminated including his regular dose of insulin. He'll be on a sliding scale from that point on, and hopefully that will be the end of insulin for him. Amen.
More later if I missed anything.. and updates as they happen.