Friday, November 11, 2011

It's been a while since I last posted.. since I first started my "diet" or way of eating.. I've now lost 21#.  Proud of myself.
I'm drinking more water..A++  and feeling like I'm moving right along.  
I'm using the 1200 cal ADA diet and Wendell is using 2000 cal ADA. 
The site CalorieCount has been super helpful in making sure I get all the nutrition I need every day.  Loving it!  Good ideas there and especially when it comes to the holidays.  That's normally a bad time for "dieters"..  I don't consider my eating habits as a diet, but a way of life for me.   One day I'll be able to set out on my own without all the helps.    In the mean time, it's nice to have the support of everyone and the online assist too.
I really don't count calories.. I use the ADA exchange system.  It's easier than counting each calorie.. and then put my food choices into the CalorieCount site.  It registers all the nutrients and calories I consume. 
I'm still baking bread and enjoy one slice of this every evening with supper.  It's an oatmeal bread with no sugar added.  Its sweetness comes from honey, and not much of that.  Delicious!   Wendell and I use 35cal bread for sandwiches at lunch. 
I am finding that my Oscar Meyer bologna (chicken/pork) is an extremely bad choice even though I eat only one slice at lunch.  The site grades choices, and that is an F.  No problem.. I have been running straight A's for the days I've been using the site.  This says I am making excellent nutritional choices every day.   It's nothing more than what I've always eaten.. just more controlled.
My last A1c was 6.3, well within normal limits!!