Monday, April 07, 2008

"When I fall, I shall arise".. I'm really doing okay. No more loss, but a 1# gain. I also noted there is major swelling in my legs and feet today. I wonder if that doesn't contribute to the weight gain?
I've been pretty good.. not perfect.
Yesterday, I wasn't all together in the evening.. and succumbed to a piece of chocolate. Was it good? YES! Was it worth it? I THINK SO! Did it make a weight difference? I DOUBT IT.
So.. back to the diet faithfully today.
I had some ham yesterday. I'm wondering if that is the cause for the more than usual swelling in my feet / legs today.
Note to myself *** WATCH THE SALT ! ****

Friday, April 04, 2008

It's been several days, and I finally got back on the scales .. and was pleasantly surprised to find 6 pounds missing. This plan is working I think.- could be fluid loss, but that is also good.
I am eating smaller meals and really enjoying my snacks a lot.. I concentrate on fruit with my snacks and the veggies with meals. Protein with all meals/snacks, and whole grains all day..
I added peanuts to the menu.. seems okay. Not a lot, just a big hand full.
Today's veggie with lunch was broccoli.. 2 big bunches.
I'm sitting here with a full glass of water.. I have about a third of it left now.
Exercise: I took a short walk around the house and halfway out the driveway and back. It's a beautiful afternoon, though cloudy and threatening rain. That's okay. I'm starting slow.
My plan is to go to the local store for a gallon or 2 of drinking water- I need this for coffee as well as drinking. I'm amazed how fast it disappears.
I believe the more I move, the more limber my muscles seem to be... except for my lower back/hips that seem to tighten up with the walking. I refuse to stop however and will inch forward.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Back on the Wagon

I'm back on the wagon to good health. I have been a slacker and I know it better than anyone else. I won't offer my feeble excuses because that's just what they are.. feeble and excuses.
I find myself feeling like a beached whale, and yes, I'm being hard on myself.
I have medical problems that say I should look more like a swan, but the fact is that I resemble the former much more.. So...

I have a plan. It's flexible and simple.. and it suits me pretty well. I'm going to try it.. and I'll explain my plan here so that I can go back and review it when I need to.

1. 3 meals a day and 3 snacks a day
2. 4 oz of fish/day- whatever I want.. tuna, tilapia, shrimp.. these are my superfoods that will give me success
3. Stay clear of Fat Free stuff as it slows down my metabolism
4. Do some kind of exercise once a day for a few minutes, but aim for a good walk at least 3x/wk
5. Steer clear of refined foods.. No breads unless whole grain, and only when really needed
6. Eliminate as much sugar as I can from my diet
7. Stick to simple

2 oz of protein.. meat, fish, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese.. whatever. My cholesterol is borderline, so I'll opt for yolkless eggs.
1/2 cup whole grains.. Now this might be oatmeal, brown/wild rice, barley.. or a Wasa Cracker or 2
Whole grain cereal

2oz Protein (as above)
1/2c whole grain
All the veggies I can eat

Mid afternoon Snack:
2 oz protein (as above)
1/2 c fruit OR
1c veggies

2 oz protein (as above)
1/2 c whole grain
All the veggies I can eat

Mid Evening Snack:
2 oz protein (as above)
1/2c fruit OR
1 c veggies

HS Snack:
2 oz protein (as above)
1/2 c fruit OR
1 c veggies

It appears like I have a lot of protein here, but really, 12 oz isn't excessive for me. My body is recuperating slowly from asthma, and I feel I need the protein .

Today I started the program..
Breakfast : 3 egg whites (scrambled?) in olive oil.. just a tad
1/2 c rice
Scoop of plain yogurt

Lunch: 2 oz tuna fish-water packed
2 whole grain Wasa crackers
Scoop of plain yogurt seasoned with Soul food seasoning
A large salad- lettuce, radishes, tomatoes- fresh and colorful

Mid afternoon snack:
Plain yogurt- 2 oz with a cup of fresh strawberries (I had NO resistance)

Hunger buster snack (an extra snack because supper won't be ready till about 8pm)
1/2 c plain yogurt mixed with a little cottage cheese
1 banana

3 oz tilapia (because I didn't want to throw away any of that delicious fish)
Plain yogurt dip with Ranch dip seasoning
1 Roma tomato
1 c brown whole grain rice (oops.. it was so good)
1 Wasa cracker

HS Snack:
1c strawberries (I know it's supposed to be 1/2 c, but these are fresh strawberries and
very low calorie.. good for me too
2 oz plain yogurt with a tiny shot of Splenda.. (not sure how splenda is going to affect my

So far, so good.. I have to learn to control portions obviously.. and eat a lot more veggies.
I made broccoli tonite..fresh. But though I like it au dente, it was almost raw, and I really don't like raw broccoli.. cooked, YES!

Fluid intake: water and coffee so far

Okay.. I'm back on the wagon