Monday, November 24, 2008

-8 total

It's weigh-in day... I've measured myself and the results are impressive to me..
8 # total loss
-1" hips
-1" waist
WHOA! I love this..

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I was just curious.. I've been ever so good on this Zone thing.. and when I stepped on the scales this morning to see if there was any change at all, I was surprised to find I'd lost again.. making the total loss 8# ! Yippee! Official weigh-in isn't till Monday..

Thursday, November 20, 2008


We are doing the Zone Diet around here. It's been such a pleasure, but I find that I do better if I eat a 2 block program more often during the day rather than try to stuff myself with a 3. Wendell was overwhelmed with the amount of food he was required to eat at one setting, but that's what you get when you do the Zone. We are learning. So as of yesterday evening, he's been concentrating on a 3 block program and then if he's hungry later, he can have a 1 or 2 block snack. He's an insulin dependent diabetic and needs the calories. Blood sugars are normal or close to it.. better than before.
I had to smile tonite when I heard Wendell tell John that some food item was "a One".. indicating it was a one block of protein. The best part was that he was correct. He's paying attention!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Rethink your morning meal
Trying to whittle your waistline? You might want to rethink your morning meal. Recent research found that men and women who ate two eggs for breakfast as part of a low calorie diet lost 65% more weight and had a 61% greater reduction in BMI than their counterparts who started the day with an equal calorie bagel breakfast. Eggs, a high quality protein, kept people more satisfied until their next meal, which helped them stick to and succeed on a reduced calorie diet. Because the American Heart Association recommends keeping cholesterol intake to less than 300 mg per day (below 200 for those with heart disease and high LDL cholesterol), try scrambling an egg yolk (around 210 mg cholesterol) with two egg whites for a high protein, cholesterol conscious breakfast.
-by Stephanie Breakstone

Copyright 2008, Prevention


Okay.. I confess.. I wasn't faithful to the program while we were in NY last weekend. In fact, I had ice cream and cookies which definitely were not good for me. I am still holding that one pound of gain. UGH!
Started the zone this morning with Wendell.
He's a 4; I'm a 3

I ate breakfast, though I am a bit queasy this morning.

2 eggs (2 proteins)
1/4 c cottage cheese (1 protein)
1 1/2 slices white bread (3 carbs).. 1 tsp butter (3 fat)

We haven't done our Zone shopping yet, so I am aware that these are poor choices at the moment, but they were balanced and that is the bottom line, eh?

I need to figure out a 1 snack for us. Hmmmm....
Cheese slice and a few saltines?
I have to give this some thought.

I got the measuring tape out last night.. .aaaaackkk!!!!! I had no idea I was so huge!
It was definitely an eye opener.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am not alone

Well, tomorrow is weigh in day, and as a family, we have decided to change gears on our eating habits.. we are going to try to Zone. I love that program.. the problem is too much food for the most part. So tomorrow is the beginning. We will be working to help Wendell lose the weight he has to lose.. it's become life threatening for him.. and for all of us.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh.. weekend disaster

I had good intentions.. no , wait.. I had GREAT intentions, but my will power is useless against chocolate cake. Alas.. I succumbed... and as for the coconut macaroon cookies... well... they were definitely worth the taste.
My weekend was kind of a bust.. but I did try most of the time.
I'm back on the program again today.. it's Wednesday.. I'm skipping Monday weigh-in.. it's too scary for me to even look...aaaacckkkk!!!!
So I'll check it out after behaving myself this week.. on NEXT Monday.
Wendell wants SF pudding.. and I need some SF jello. So I'll catch you later

Monday, November 03, 2008


It's Monday, and that's weigh in day! I was just a little nervous to step on the scales this morning, though there was no reason for the anticipation.. I've been good.
I've lost another pound, bringing the total to -5 !!
Hooray for me! Another pound bit the dust!

Today is JOIN THE Y DAY, and I'm thrilled to do this.. again, thank you Jane for all your encouragement and praying over me. It's been effectual for sure.
And while I'm at it, I'll thank Mandy and John for telling me how lousy those dinner rolls were last evening..

He gives power to the faint and weary, and to him who has no might He increases strength causing it to multiply and making it to abound (Isaiah 40:29 ).

Saturday, November 01, 2008

We shall overcome

Still at it here.. waiting for the verdict on the scales on Monday morning. I missed the pool most of the week.. Thurs and Fri things going on here that took my attention.. and here it is Saturday.
Following the program without fail.. trying to keep moving..I'm headed out for a walk this afternoon.. and on Monday..the pool!!!

Revelation 21:7
'He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.'