Wednesday, March 25, 2015

High Points.. half way to home

It was a year ago this week when I had my physical exam and got a ton of bad news.  Diabetes was out of control, I'd gained 20# in 12 months, and my EKG showed a right bundle branch block.  I remember that day well.  I felt so ashamed of myself.  
This week I had another physical and things have changed dramatically.  I've lost 46#, diabetes is well controlled, and I feel super.
I stopped in to see my nutritionist and hugged her and thanked her for saving my life a year ago.  I still see her, and I'm not completely well, but I have had NO asthma problems so far this year, my immune system and gut are still healing.  My A1c is down to 6.0, lipid profile is now in a more normal range, and I couldn't be happier.  When the A1c goes below 6.0, my PCP will reduce the diabetes medication Metformin.  I've already reduced it successfully from 4 tabs a day to 3.  She also changed my Valsartan to  half the dose daily, which I had done anyway.
This year we bought a Nutribullet, so now I can have a "shake" made with low carb fruits, nuts, and water if I like.  Strawberries are awesome.  I also use Metaboshake, a glycemic formula meal replacement when I want something different.  I'm still not a good breakfast eater- but this fills the bill.  I put a banana in the Nutribullet along with a goodly handful of mixed nuts, and the chocolate powder.. fill it with spring water and enjoy the shake.   Sometimes I just put fruit and nuts in the NB and fill it with water and the taste is exceptional.  I even learned that I can make 'pseudo ice cream'.. really soft by using frozen fruit and water.  WOW!
My plan is when I reach a 50# loss, I am going to have a strawberry festival and eat a ton of berries with homemade whipped cream.  (My ton of berries will likely be 6-8 berries- ).. but I will feel safe eating them without causing a blood sugar spike.
That 50# loss I'm hoping will happen for my birthday.. a REAL milestone.
When I think about this, I realize that I actually can't lift 50# of anything.  How did I carry all that weight around for so long?!  I'm at least half way to where I would like to be, though not necessarily.  My clothes are getting very loose..  *smile*
I ate a hamburger patty a couple weeks ago.  Cramps and minor GI problem ensued for a few hours.  I'm not ready for hamburger yet.  However, a week later I had roast beef with absolutely NO repercussions and loved it all.  Couldn't do that at all a year ago.  I can eat and drink dairy also- as long as I don't overdo it.
In January I saw the PCP as a follow up for my lipids.. at that time she asked me what my goal weight was.  I told her I didn't have one, so she suggested one for me.  She still doesn't get it- I'm not dieting, but eating correctly and my body is responding beautifully as it should.

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