Saturday, June 21, 2014

Discharged from the hospital

I should have called this post 'saved by the bell'  or something like that.
Wednesday I got my discharge!  The neurologist says perhaps I'd had a mini stroke, that he hadn't seen any new pathology since the previous strokes.  The opthamologist said likely an atypical migraine unrelated to the dizziness.  My PCP agrees mostly with the fact that the dizziness likely isn't related, but wants me to be on statins and see her in 2 weeks to discuss rapid weight loss.
Yesterday I saw my nutritionist.  I'm calmer now. 
She had to do some reminding of discussions we had when I first started this nutrition program.
1. She treats 1 or 2 of the most critical issues first, and then when they resolve, be ready for another issue to arise.  My #2 issue was blood sugar and controlling diabetes.  This would be resolved through supplements and diet changes until my A1c came into a normal range.
2. Don't be afraid and don't give up just because another strange problem occurs.  I have many health issues and they don't all show up at the same time.  Stick with the program and she will guide me through the next phase of new issues.
3. Remember that some medications mask the problem but don't solve it- like putting a bandaid on a leaky pipe.
4. My problems didn't happen over night and won't resolve over night.  Patience.

So a 6.0 A1c is really good.  I've lost 32# to date.  I was becoming more and more tired though I was following the program as best I could.  I had bloodwork done at the hospital and my cholesterol went from 160 to 240 and triglycerides went from 200 to 311.
Using statins might lower the cholesterol, but won't affect the triglycerides.  I've been so careful- why are these tests so out of control?
It is genetic.  It has to do with the MTHFR gene that is abnormal in my genetic picture.  yes, I had genetic studies done when I had my last stroke.  The answer was B vitamins- all of them, but particularly folate.
The nutritionist mentioned this to me and jogged my memory back a few years to when I did actually have the testing done.
She suggested that I try a supplement made for people like me with this aberration.
So I'm on the supplement Thursday and today so far.  I suddenly realized I was feeling peppier.. and bouncing from one task to another.  YAY!
She suggested I need to try a 'cleanse'.. but not yet.  She feels I'm too weak for it yet- but soon.
So doing the CRA , she has determined that I am mineral deficient along with vitamins.
This is my favorite part.  My new suggestion for increasing minerals in my system: celery, spinach, baked potatoes in the jacket with lots of real butter, and peaches.  Well, I love all these things.. no problem.
As for losing weight too fast... no, I don't think so.  And I don't exercise much except in the Z's pool.
Dr Agnes thinks my dizziness comes from the mineral deficiency and I think she might be on to something- she hasn't let me down yet.. she is one smart cookie.

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